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  1. Right Someonearbit, this monday morning felt different and I was thinking if it’s because am seeing a Bombay morning after a week or so……

  2. I’m staring out the window and watching the snowflakes drift like travellers that have maybe lost their paths. Or perhaps, simply decided to meander because they don’t know where they’re headed yet… These thoughts are depressing because they mirror my own tumultous feelings…
    But then you talk about such blissful weather and I can close my eyes and almost feel the hot, heavy and yet refreshing mumbai rain splattering on my face and I feel better. Almost peaceful.

  3. @ Shreyasi: I recognize the picture. I don’t know what place you’re exactly in but somehow I know the image it evokes. Looks like it decided to stay that way a little longer since its gone back to being cloudy now.

    @ Wiseling: Actually your description of snowflakes drifting aimlessly was very….heart-warming. Isn’t that odd now? I’ve never seen snow so I liked the picture you described. And I’m glad you liked mine.

    @ Someonearbit: On a Monday morning? I love your spirit, girl!

  4. It only rained for a few minutes. Enough to make the roads damp and turn the weather sticky

    It only rained for a few minutes. Enough to make soemonearbit go to Worli Seaface to soak in the rain, have a hot cup of tea by the sea and enjoy the lovely morning. Monday mornings never felt nicer

  5. I love the weather too. Only that where I stay and work, as far as I can see rght now,there’s silence in the air and a heaviness of the clouds above till they merge into the faintly visible, bluish gray ends of the creek.
    Am waiting for the sun to break through…