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  1. A story a day. I know you’re a manic writer, but churning out a short story a day is no small deal. I assume you are busy, I assume you have a life, and it takes something to pull out your brains and slice out the time and knock one of these off. So. Wow for that.

    This was an okay story though. It had an okay plot, which I saw coming, just about before it came. It’s not Will Eisner slice of life, it doesn’t scream, yeah! India happens exactly like that. It’s just and event, and what caused the event isn’t really supernatural-with-silly-explanation. It could also have done with some character description, to help us lock upon the characters. And I have no further emotional involvement over when I read in the news that a statue is drinking milk

  2. This one was a classic short story.
    The quick descriptions, the dangling off-stage asides.
    And the ending is just beautiful, loved it for the sheer cleverness.