On a particularly scorching day, five people jammed into a tiny soap-box (ooops…the Boss di gaddi…) with laptops, files, phones ringing, hands-free wires tangling, radio stations clashing and the road bump-bump-bumping along….provide enough fodder for yet another post in the Office Capers section.

Waiting for AKB who’s late.
SNC: Is that her?
SFOS: Nahin, koi aur thi.
SNC: Jo bhi thi, bahut achchi thi.
SFOS: Mooh bandh….ladki ko dekha nahin aur……tereko to dekhna hi padega
SFOS: Hmph! Now this is too much….talaq, talaq, talaq….jaa ab!
AKB: HIIIIIIIIII….sorry I’m late!


SFOS: I tell you…kya musibat hai yaar, phone kaat diya!
SNC: Tune bill nahin bhara hoga!
SFOS: Arre nahin…I paid on Saturday and they connected again. Now again, its gone.
AKB: Connected again? Iska matlab pehle bhi kaata tha?
SNC: Maine bola na…bill nahin bhara hoga!
AKB: Tu naa…Reliance mobile lele.
SFOS: Arre nahin…who bhi kaat diya!
GOD (aka da Boss): Global defaulters’ list mein daal diya hoga!

*Ring ring*
SFOS: Hey-low!
VAOE (Voice at other end): Buzz buzz buzz
SFOS: No, I’ll call the Aquaguard guys, you call MTNL!
SFOS: I did that last time!
VAOE: @#$%!!!


GOD (aka da Boss): Abbe….look at the way that guy cut across!!
AKB: Hmph…roll down the window and give them a piece of your mind!
SNC: Does he have any?
Me: Does he know what to say?

*Thunk thunk thunk….the window rolls down*
*SFOS working up a steam*
*All of us waiting with bated breath*

SFOS: Kya hua???
Errant motorcyclist: ??Kuch nahin!
AKB: Yeh gaali tha?
Me: Now you know what he means the next time he asks you what’s up!

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