fine tip on black surface

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  1. I’ve just onboarded into blogging m Twitter world n we’re college mates ur a sr from MBA days 😀I’ve seen u booking around in college n I know this phase it’s Wn all is going as plan is Wat I call it. Good but boring one yeah, super monotonous cos things going as per super plan. And Wat usually jerks me out of this phase is a change

  2. Please consider speaking to someone; a mental health professional. It may help…it may not, it’s just another option. And remember, it may not seem like it at the moment but this feeling won’t last forever x

  3. Things will get better. It’s a phase in life where we fall down but we need to take a rest, stop for a whole before running. It happens to the best of us with fatigue and daily chores. Yes! I find your blog bold and like it that way!