A new job isn’t just about getting to know new people and learning new techniques. It seems to be about acquiring a new lifestyle altogether. This seems especially true in case of NB(Naya bachcha), whose first job this is, after college. Every evening, he is to be found at the reception, in deep conversation with someone who’s advising him on what he can do to make his life better….banks, credit card companies, mobile phone services, automobile test drives, home loans…even matrimonials! That’s not even counting his phone line which is always ringing…apparantly the whole world and their brother want to talk to the new employee!

SNC: I got a call from some guy from the bank. According to him my finances are in shambles and he can turn them into gold. He said he’d look me up tomorrow when he came to see you. Kya tere finances bhi shambles mein hai?

SNC: Finances ho to shambles mein honge na! My account is totally khaali!

6 thoughts on “The guy everyone wants to meet”
  1. Damn damn damn…I deleted a whole lot of the in-between stuff n forgot to change SNC to SFOS. Yes, my ‘guardian angel-old pro at this’ I very much need a proof-reader!

  2. […] Naya Bachcha (NB) is a tricky bugger. Several months after induction, training, rubbing elbows in the cramped quarters of work (before we shifted to our spacious, spacey office), running over each other’s toes with our swivel-chairs in this new place…..all this while later I still can’t tell if he has a girlfriend. Or if he has several. Or a boyfriend. Or several. […]

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