Taking stock at the end of the week

Its been a week here at the new place. Everyday I’m having people getting me to make some sort of declaration…
“How is it?”
“Do you like your job?”
“Are the people nice?”
The answer to all of those is “I don’t know…yet.”
I’m waiting and watching and evaluating and in the meantime, I’m being watched and evaluated too.
A friend of mine once told me that it was a good thing to have had a few broken relationships before settling down into the biggie (whatever that may be for you..). It is a learning experience, he said…it teaches you about yourself, what works for you and how you work. I am inclined to agree and carry it forward to the working world too. You need to work a bit, make some mistakes, with the wrong jobs, in the wrong places, with the wrong people before you can figure out what really is right.

Not that I claim I am able to do that right now. But I am a little less hazy than before I guess. Why am I on this wandering, philosophical note? Well…I’m realising a lot of things…about myself, about the working world, about life in general. Some things they never told us about in school or college or wherever….

1. Bosses aren’t monsters to be petrified of. They are human beings. Of course human beings can be selfish, manipulative, insecure, lazy, vindictive and vicious.

2. There are friends and enemies. There are relatives and neighbors. And there are colleagues. …but oh, thats for another post!

3. The paycheck at the end of the month is a real thrill. But it can’t cover the cost of dissatisfaction, stress and frustration.

4. Keeping your boss happy is important. Keeping your colleagues happy is vital. Keeping your clients important is the whole point. But keeping yourself happy is what matters the most. I’m never going to be too old to tell the world to go to hell.

At the end of this diatribe, is the announcement that my new workplace has new people and new ideas. The sense of humour is always constant though….thank you GODDDDD for that’s what keeps me sane! My endnote:

Me: You’re here when I come in the morning and still here when I leave. Its like you live in the office. When do you leave?
Boss: I don’t. My leaving days are over.
Me: Oh? I guess you’re living days have began then.

One thought on “Taking stock at the end of the week

  1. how true…i was thinking of the exact same thing today n yesterday: )”A friend of mine once told me that it was a good thing to have had a few broken relationships before settling down into the biggie”
    it does teach you a lot about you! πŸ™‚ how whiny, gripy and clingy you can get amongst other things:)

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