What Do We Owe Each Other In Shifting Normals?

After I wrote yesterday’s fan post about And Just Like That, I stayed up late reading reviews & the subreddit of the show. Well. There is so much vitriol. I believe most of it is the punishment our overly capitalist world is wrecking on anyone who hasn’t paid the requisite influencers. Add to that good ... Read More

Why People Cheat

Some admit it’s a thrill to be desired by one who isn’t supposed to feel that way, to feel wanted despite knowing it’s wrong. Cheating is rarely about the person being cheated on. The world abounds in people cheating on attractive, intelligent, popular, successful partners. “Because they make me feel bad about myself” is about ... Read More

Where I Regret Doing The Right Thing

I met him at an event I was hosting. The growing crowds and reactions told me I was doing well. It was welcome respite from the morning’s fight, a common occurrence in the horror story I was living inside. I was aware of him through the whole day, even as I juggled conversations and thoughts, feeling the ... Read More

I’m Calling Bullshit on Quote-Unquote ‘Woke’ Fuckbois

Before I load and fire, let me tell you who I’m aiming at. This is not all polyamorous couples or even all men (yes, yes, MRAs, you’ve been acknowledged, now GTFO my blog). This is the ‘Woke’ man and please note the quote signs to indicate the derision with which I approach this species. ‘Woke’ ... Read More

In The Name Of Love (For Many)

Polyamory: Millennial Free Love Or Old Cheating With A New Name? I’ve written about polyamory before. At the time of writing this post, I was running two blogs. And the trickiest thing is not the ideation (hah, look at my name!) or content production. It’s deciding what goes where and when. The Idea-smithy was my ... Read More

When Did ‘I’m Married’ Become A Pick-Up Line?

I must have missed the memo. Excuse me, but when did an ‘already-married’ status become a dateworthy trait? The internet, pubs, parties and all manner of social occasions are rife with married men partaking of mating rituals – the innuendo-ridden conversations, the excessive compliments, the lingering glances, the offers to buy drinks, the requests for phone ... Read More

MayShortReads 07: Bedtime

He doesn’t think it’s cheating. Nobody can point a finger at him for looking out of his own window. But Susheel admits, he wouldn’t tell anybody else about her. He hasn’t even talked to Reman about this thing and Reman is his best friend. But that was because in the beginning, he wasn’t sure what ... Read More


The Beatles sang, “All you need is love” and they may well have been right. In our increasingly urban world of nuclear families and zero work-life balance, the emotional support system of a loving, caring partner becomes even more important. Ironically, it seems like the demand for such a person is going up just as ... Read More

Twory: Equal Sins

Another writing exercise and this one I thought up myself! (Pat on the back…thank you, thank you). The challenge was to write a 140-word story about Twitter. Samir and I did this under a timer. And finished in close to 14 minutes. I call this a twory. ~O~O~O~O~O~ An 80s song went, “The instant generation….Instant ... Read More


I hate it when writers pull stunts like that, making a book sound like something else in its title. I only bought it because the blurb described it as the male 'Sex And The City'.