Waiting for the train near the tracks

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  1. Good one, Ramya…. I remember seeing those huge mill walls when I roamed around Bombay with my uncle. He was the one who actually made me fall in love with the city, telling me stories about its history and the interesting events and people associated with it. he was also the one who told me about the mills and the problems and their eventual shutting down.. in fact, we had this huge mill in thane right opposite my school, which had shut down years before after running for over a hundred years, and i knew people who had been left unemployed.. they were old and always reminisced about the past… considering this kind of bringing up, Lower parel was a shock when I visited it after years! my first visit to Phoenix mills, in fact! somehow, even after all these years, the place still reminds me of those huge abandoned mills in spite of all the glitz and glamour we see now…somwhow every time i go there i feel more depressed, though i am happy that such brands have come near us!