Rising stars

So now that we have a fresh batch of recruits, we aren’t the ‘new kids on the block’ any more. NB is as purana as the canteen’s breakfast poha. SNC and SFOS have put on weight (and so have I!)….last year’s training photographs look like they’ve been shot in Twiggy-land in comparison…we practically need bigger computer screens to view this year’s pics.

My trainer from last year chuckles evilly and says “Payback time….guess who’s going to field ALL those questions now?” You see, apparantely Indians (at least the Indians in my company!) are very assertive and will not sit still until their questions are answered. Yeah well…I didn’t just fit that description last year, I created it! And now….great crashing hard disks!….Someone, put muzzles on these new kids…the questions are hitting me faster than I can think!!!!!

No wonder then, SIT confided, “The only way to keep you guys from slaughtering me with questions was to hit you with them first!” Well, he’s left the company for greener (umm…rupee notes are orangey-brown) pasteurs…..leaving us poor, innocent victims to battle the flood of questions.

Alright…i’m calling in sick….
“Just one thing before you go….how do satellites stay out of gravity?”

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  1. A psuedo force, also called centrifugal force acts upon a body in circular motion. This force balances the gravitational force of earth and keeps the satellite in orbit…….Simple!!!

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