Moments of joy

I feel terribly hemmed in, in this city full of cement and tar and dust. I can’t even say I miss having nature and beauty around me, since I’ve never known anything else, other than from books

stucture.jpgBut then, I catch, a chance breeze ruffling my hair…surreptitiously



making its way past all the artificial barriers that this city imposes on everything that should have been right in life. And there’s something about an old cloth fluttering on the line…not for a purpose like everything else in Mumbai but just because. It’s like its dancing right in time to the wind, not a step out of place but without thinking, easily, laughingly, carelessly, effortlessly. Effortlessly… such a good word.Β 


I don’t know why that suddenly brings me into a sense of instant weightlessness and freedom. It’s like a moment from American Beauty where a character, watching a plastic bag caught in the wind, says

Sometimes, there’s so much beauty in this world, I can’t bear it. Then I remember to relax and let it all rain through me.

And when I throw my head back, smile into the breeze and open my eyes,


I see the sky, a brilliant blue, smiling back at me…quietly through the grey.


6 thoughts on “Moments of joy

  1. And sometimes I wish it was as easy to dry out all the tears as it is to dry out all the water from that cloth fluttering in the wind.

  2. Lol…as i am reading….
    – sheriff posts his comment
    – moments of joy is posted
    – template is changed.

    With click of my mouse…something in the blog is changing.

    shows that we both are not working when we are supposed to be :))

    hows you smithy??? hope life is good.

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