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  1. or may be a 3 foot high torture that i call ‘nephew’ whos in love with electronics but cant handle them!!!
    i’ve missed quite a lot here… need to catch up sometime…
    pretty much what i keep promisisng my blog too…

  2. everytime it seems happiness is just an arms length away, we stretch out, right into thin empty air just to realize that its still too bloody far. And when we are happy and peaceful, we dont even realize it to be able to enjoy it….
    And on top of it all, inspite of all of this, we have to force out a smile becaust that what life demands ….

    1. @Anu: 🙂 Thanks, it’s a lifelong quest.

      @Jennifer: Stuck? Yes, perhaps. I believe that you need to deal with everything that happens to you. If not when it happens, then you need to go back and sort things out in your head before you can move forward. Else it remains like dirt under the carpet, stinking the whole place up. I’m on a clean-up mission.

      @’nonnymous: Long time, non-stranger, where you bin? Life, that moody creature!