I Style!

Here’s introducing a new category at The Idea-smithy. Remember Anjani’s tangy toes? And K’s funky bag?

Never one for fashion trends myself, I’ve always sported my own style and been at the receiving end of much flak, disbelief…and admiration. Anything off-beat or unusual on someone else catches my eye as well. We are all spectators at heart and it’s the sights that charm, entertain and enthrall us as much as our other senses. And let’s not forget –ย  Tomorrow is being born in the form of new ideas!

I Style! celebrates the spirit of individualism and the sparks of it that I spot in day-to-day life. The photographs may not be picture-perfect, the writing could be better but the sights will be fresh.

I’m also inviting contributions to I Style! If you spot someone wearing something whacky, something crazy, something unusual, stop and talk to them. And if they permit you to take a picture, do send it to me. I’ll be delighted to feature it on I Style! Just make sure you’ve got their permission to have it up on the internet. It would be good to take down their email address. If possible, capture the article that caught your eye with just enough detail to give perspective (size, colour, natureย etc). Avoiding the face respects the spottee‘s anonymity.

Else you’re just going to have to rely on my two eyes! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ll open I Style! with an image of a man who shows us the way. Meet…

Khalil Gebran
Fashions Designer



  1. Are you only looking for photos ? Nice idea to capture those funky stuff.

    Next time hope to come up with a photo, this time:
    I saw someone wearing with following words and I have put this up in my cubicle (yeah!)
    “Mind and matter are two important things. I don’t mind. You don’t matter”.

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