First Blood

Last night I was trying to sleep but a stupid mosquito kept buzzing in my ear. This despite the fact that the mosquito repellent is plugged in just above my head. WTF happened to MMR (Mosquito Mortality Rate…I kid you not)??!! So I switched on the light to swat it. Of course the bloody (and all of that blood is mine!) thing had vanished.

So I switched the light off again and tried to sleep. As an added precaution, I covered myself all over as best possible, hair and eyes included, leaving only the lower half of my face open for breathing.

Of course the maddening thing about the common cold (and why oh why don’t those scientists find a cure for it by now? Already??!!) is that you can’t breathe. Not through your nose. So you can guess what happened. Mouth open, I proceeded to sleep. Maybe I snore but thankfully I sleep alone (though that’s probably not a fact I should be proud to advertise).

Would you believe it? That damn mosquito found me again in the darkness. It flew….gak gak…straight into my mouth!

Okay you can call me a insectivore now. At least I get to sleep in peace.

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