Deja vu

Do you remember me?
From memories of events that have not yet happened
From deep down inside where a strange feeling stirs…
Like a yearning for completion

I recognize you…
From unfathomable urges that over-ride the usual structure of life
That have come to make more sense over time
Especially after I let go of needing to be sensible and sane

Why are you baffled by this connection?
Doesn’t it feel like it was meant to happen this way
That there were instances earlier when it could have…but didn’t
And yet another time, life threw us together to see if it did
….like dice being thrown over and over again till the victory

Perhaps I knew you in another life
And had something to say and didn’t.
Maybe you waited a lifetime to hear
What you knew you were meant to
And came back to remind me
And ask me again what it was that I wanted to say.

Do you remember?

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