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  1. @Arun: I guess connectivity has certainly bridged the gaps of introversion. I was looking at the other end of the spectrum, which is the one I usually inhabit…the hyperconnected, over-updated, information overload side. There’s a crash happening out there.

    @aniruddha: It’s a soul-fulfiling experience, isn’t it? Strange, I used to wonder at people who went ‘slumming’ or gave up luxuries to experience the real world. Somehow I’ve turned into a version of that over-priveleged world where I’ve to consciously cut out what’s pleasurable to experience something real.

    @ Ms Taggart: You’re one of those few, really few people who understand that there’s phone etiquette too. I don’t really think Twitter or Facebook are ‘bad’ but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. See Arun’s comment above – social media has certainly made it possible to create and sustain a connection where none may have been possible earlier. It’s the excessiveness that I have a problem with.

    @Sid: Thank you! The mobile schedule has gone out of the window since I took a break from work (thank my stars!) 😀

    @Cora: Welcome to The Idea-smithy then! The Internet can be a lovely place but it also has some strange and potentially dangerous people around. Do be careful about sharing your personal information, photos etc online and also who you get friendly with. All the best!

    @teendudes: Absolutely!

    @Nita: And thank you for coming to The Idea-smithy (finally!!). Actually with the whole social media phenomenon, there is a slight mingling of the online and offline world so it is possible to connect up with people in the real world. If you ever attend a barcamp, blogcamp or tweetup, we might bump into each other. It will be good to talk face-to-face.

  2. Discovered this blog through Indiblogger. It’s a great blog and I am wondering why I didn’t come across it before! I love the design too. And this post connected with me! I agree with all that you said, and as you went on the memories of the time when cell phones first came to India came back. I remember that people would use the cell as some sort of status symbol, until the sabzi wallas got it too!
    And I think that today we are more isolated than ever before. That is why I haven’t bumped into you at some party or gathering, that is why I am commenting on your blog and that of others, that is why we use machines to communnicate. We human beings are a lost race today because face to face we don’t want to connect, not in big cities anyway.

  3. nice Posting. I just starting with Internet. My parents didn’t allow me this, before I was 16 years old. It’s very nice, becaus now can I improve my English language.

    Cora from Frankfurt in Germany

  4. A very very interesting post indeed. I agree with your views on how the mobile/cell-phone has invaded life and cut-down on physically talking to each other.
    On the other hand, it has allowed us to reach more people. So it’s a very fine line indeed. Nice mobile schedule there!

  5. hehe it reminded me of a time when to contact my friend i had to call a paging service, who would send my message to my friend’s friend ..damn :).True we just have 24 hours to stay connected and a limit to our tongue and brain :D. I realized that i was spending too much time on being connected through technology and not meeting the real people. So i decided it was time to go out and meet some real friends. So i unplugged 😀

  6. ‘out of sight, out of mind’ has usually been true for me in the past. No longer. I am someone who tends to keep to myself, so it applies to me all the more. I did not spend time painfully keying in smses. I was never on the phone for hours every day, and thankfully, I still carry an ancient phone which limits me to what the phone was once meant to be.

    Where I really saw change is in the new web. I even resisted the social media wave. I was never on Orkut and till date, I am not active on twitter. But facebook has given me a feeling of connected with everyone. Logging in a few times a day tells me what is everyone upto, and sometimes it helps me connect without having to actually make a conversation.