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  1. @ Broom: Errrm….sorry.

    @ Deepika: Thank you very much, you have no idea what a compliment that is. And errr….sorry about the homesickness too.

    @ Gammafunction: Come to my city! There’s always room for one more. 😉

  2. This has been by far the BEST post I have read in SUCH a long time…I can’t believe how we Mumbaiites echo the absolute, exact sentiments about the place. And I thought I was the only one who felt that way. Every line you’ve written here is worth ten times its length converted into mass of gold.

  3. @ Dusty: I think that is exactly the thing I was trying to explain in a lot of words. You hit the nail on target. It is the fact that it really is ‘okay’, perfectly normal to be alone in this city.

  4. When I lived a year in Mumbai, it got very alone. i hardly knew anybody there.The first couple of months drove me nuts. And then I began to settle down. I did plays/movies and the sportsbar on my own. It felt good to not be dependent on having somebody along to ‘live’ in mumbai. Back in Bangalore today, i am not sure if I can or want to walk into a pub by myself, or watch a movie on my own. Yes, Mumbai is a place for ‘Individuals’, whether completely alone, or with a horde of people in one’s life.

  5. @ Ashish: Thank you, that’s very flattering. But then there is always something to learn in every moment, isn’t there?

    @ Vi: I’ve never lived outside this city and sometimes I wonder if my judgement is flawed, since after all I have very little to compare with.

  6. “Loneliness after all, is an incompleteness, a feeling of being stretched, of being one person having to fill the space meant for two.”

    I love this line–tinged with yearning and bitterness, and woe as well.

    I wish that I had such an outlook on Mumbai while it was my home. (But – considering I was only seven or eight when I left, this is not entirely possible).

    Still, there’s something uniquely welcoming about the city, that no matter when I return, I can still find something from the days of what seems like another lifetime.