So you’re feeling blue
on a day that I’m wearing blue and feeling good about it

You call me to tell me that it reminds you of Anil Kapoor
And I know you’re thinking of my wailing

Why’s everything so blue???

at a movie we saw once
You liked the idea but it disturbed me.
I said so. You just smiled.


In that conversation you were me and I was you
Does it matter then, who says what
And this time, how each of us sees blue?


  1. @ Shreyasi: Or it should at least. Not always though.

    @ Peeyush: We stick to them at least even if we don’t always like them. The unknown is scary even if it is more promising.

    @ SwB: How’re u doing? I haven’t been as regular at your place either…check on and off but when I do, I read all the back-posts, especially the short poems with pics accompanying them. You’re really good at those.

    @ Brad: :-p

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