the-hermit.jpgYou are clarity, you are joy
You are light, I am the lightness
You are my doorway, as I pass into the world of being
Friend, mentor, teacher, guide
Inspiration, aspiration, unachievable ambition

But as you merge with me…I stand at the doorway, holding you within me, you are also the one

I can’t see your face or feel your form
But you define existance for me
Wherever you go, whence you point
I will follow, mesmerised

You walk on, always holding out the light
Creating the universe for me to discover as I follow you
And I must run to keep up with the shifting reality that is moving with you

Because the minute you stop….too long
I will step out and away from you
And begone into the world of blinding light but no lightness
Lost to us both

10 thoughts on “Ballad

  1. Hey Idea

    have been reading your super work but have been equally super lazy (and also time bound) to comment. but how could i not wish you on B’day!!Oink!! but where has the post gone?

    Anyway, hope you have a wonderful B’day! and i really liked the post too.

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