An Idle Mind

At the doorway, Luke was saying “This place deserves a name”

The big guy yawned, “I’m bored”

“I’ll cure that” smirked Luke

“Big brothers are such wise guys!”

“Observe, lazy boy”Luke clapped his hands


“Hey….L!” Big Guy squeaked.
“That’s a name…hell! Here…amuse yourself”

And Lucifer went to paint a signboard.
When I got tagged in the 55-word story thing, I thought “Oh, help”. Having managed a couple though, I’m hooked….it is tremendously satisfying…just the sort of creative challenge I was looking for. Since I’ve already tagged people, I’ll leave this open to whoever wants to pick it up. You know the rules..have fun!

10 thoughts on “An Idle Mind

  1. WOAH
    that was awesome..
    have u read the vampire chronicles by anne rice?
    there are bits of very very interesting conversations between God and the Devil in them.

    i reckon you’ll like it!

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