Quill writing hand drawn clipart

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  1. @Rakhi: Yep any audience won’t really satisfy… they will always be a temporary fill-in… And neither is it easy to find the right audience.. Hell i might just marry the first right audience i find.. 😛

  2. Watching a fantastic concert last night I was mulling over the question you’ve posed here.
    I think artists when completely one with their art, whether it be painting, writing, making music, dancing or even some sport, feel something best described as exhilaration…[Sometimes even the audience, particularly those who are familiar with the form of the art, can share that exhilaration.] And what good is a high when there’s noone else to share in that, noone to feel the happiness just as acutely?
    Herein lies the need for an audience. Not just any audience will do; only a well-informed one, that’s in tune with the colours the artist uses to create the painting in the audience’s mind.

    🙂 Just my tuppence… How’s it going,I?

  3. //understand my alternating between being a social butterfly
    Hmm perhaps the reason i am inclined towards writing..hmm..

    Introspections apart.. i wanted to add that even within the writers spectrum, there is a quite a lot of variability that is evident in the genre of the writing.. And much to my dismay and disgust(if i were to get extreme), interaction seems to be taking the center stage, as is the trend in everything nowadays..
    Reminds me of this http://chronicle.com/article/The-End-of-Solitude/3708 and this http://yihongs-research.blogspot.com/2009/01/positive-solitude-losing-capability.html