A Powerful Woman Thinks Like A Woman

I’ve been enjoying the later seasons of Mad Men as the characters really come into their own and the various sub-plots develop. A lot of the time I’m startled by how 1960s New York sounds like Mumbai in 2013. In Season 4, an episode titled ‘The Summer Man’ shows Joey, a young freelancer being blatantly ... Read More

I feel like a character in someone else’s coming-of-age story

….the kind about a young man discovering himself, his faith, his relationship to his environment and where he fits in. The sort of story where his thinking is turned upside down when he meets a certain woman (usually older or bohemian or both). I feel like that woman. This woman surfaces in several instances of ... Read More

I Wear: Mad Men Mania!

There’s much that’s great about Mad Men – the story, the characters, the “Oh my God, it’s Lucky Strikes!” kind of references that have adpeople drooling. And then of course there are the clothes. Spanning the swirly skirts of the sixties to bellbottoms & miniskirts of the seventies (my favorite decade!), Mad Men is a ... Read More

A Mad Woman

Watching ‘Mad Men’ brings up a thought that’s often just lying below the surface: Why DO we put up with men? They’re horrible.

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