The Long, Dark COVID Of The Soul

I had COVID earlier this month. Finally, the axe I’ve been dreading since March 2020, fell. It was the second chop, the first being my parents catching it earlier this year. I am grateful that these have been mild variants & we didn’t suffer like a lot of other people did. It yet has been ... Read More

We All Need Validation

Why did this turn into a bad word? Human beings have always been social by nature. This includes needing to feel seen, heard, acknowledged, cared about. Neediness is the excessive form of this, which yes, is toxic. But it’s not the needing that’s a problem, it’s the imbalance. We are told our self-esteem must not ... Read More

The Kindness Of Strangers

It’s not something we take into consideration. We even consider it so rarely that if it does happen, we are quick to assume ulterior motive. And we continue to buy into the myth of the cold cruelty of cities, of a story where characters never speak to each other or care about one that falls, ... Read More

Judgements In June

Judgements. Let’s think about that. Last month a stranger told me that their first impression of me was that I was an attention-seeker. I’ve analyzed this statement in so many ways. What’s wrong with liking attention and seeking it? How do we assign very different judgements to the same conclusion? Why is your first thought ... Read More

Come Out When You Please

Who says only gay folks live in a closet? We’re breaths constrained by fear, worry and pain. Every leap of faith is a coming out story. But it’s okay if you want to stay indoors. I know slow suffocation can be preferable to the reckless unknown. I know you’re in there. But I won’t out ... Read More

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A Pizza Slice Of Kindness

I was watching ‘Eat, Pray, Love’. I know it’s the kind of story that a lot of us sophisticated types turn up our noses at and say “First World problems”. It’s also a story that made me hungry. How wonderful that the first raw mangoes of summer are here and I had one to accompany ... Read More