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  1. Did you read the book Shantaram? If not, you should read that… I am already in love with Bombay without even having spent a single week there… Bombay apart, thats a beautiful book.. when I read this post, I was suddenly reminded of the chapter I am reading in Shantaram today… Awesomely beautiful book!

    1. @ Ms Taggart: I have read parts of it. With all due respect, I really think no book can truly capture the real experience of living in this city. It is surreal.

  2. It's so good to know that other people obssess about "this great, ruined metropolis" (in Rushdie's words) too, inspite of living in it. Bombay has overwhelmed me so much, I even wrote a whole novel on it. Of course, nothing happened to the novel, but Bombay remains, as usual, biting through it all..