25 July was one of those Mondays that come with two events to be attended back-to-back. First, there was the city’s first ever Open Mic hosted by the incomparable Manisha Lakhe at Prithvi Cafe. And then there was my current favorite, Tuning Fork. The Saturday just before I’d collapsed with what the doctor diagnosed as a migraine so I had decided to take it easy and de-stress. Till the last minute, I hadn’t decided whether I wanted to go or not, giving myself the option to veg out at home.

It started out as a foggy (yes, in Mumbai!) day and my mood was equally meh. Which may have been why I reached for the only grey item in my wardrobe, a teeshirt with a strange symbol on it. Then better sense prevailed and I decided to colour it up to brighten my mood.

It actually did not rain at all, which I’m not sure whether to be annoyed about (since I got dressed for it) or relieved over (yeah, no stringy hair). I met my crowd at Prithvi and then we shared a very crowded bike ride down to Khar. Chill mood still intact, I went on to read a blogpost instead of amping up for a performance. It still went down well I think.

So here’s what I look like when I’m chilling.

I Wear:

  • Grey teeshirt – Only
  • Orange slim pants – CottonWorld
  • Plastic boots – Paean
  • Winged liner – Black gel pencil

* This video was shot by Gautam Makhija.
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