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  1. @ ABC: So do I…my challenge is to harmonize the highs and lows. Nope, it isn’t a puzzle…I doubt anyone would figure it out from that anyway, it’s an obscure reference.

    @ Melody: I do so do! 🙂

    @ Shreyasi: You’d like her in person too! I suppose all wisdom is simple which is why we complicated people never get it!

  2. Wow Melody, what a sweet thing to say 🙂

    and Idea, such simple wisdom (which actually comes rarely to us)!

  3. ABC-her name could be Shanti!! or Pooja!! (uhm pooja leads to harmony i think, so by logical deduction..) or Taal, or raaga

    Idea- names.. they can be the windows that actually open up the world inside because of how much they mean, or the windows which shut the entire world outside because of its non-relation to the person… BTW.. Howmany?? ;p

  4. Well balanced? Just the lucky ones have it that way. Usually it is a series of highs and lows.

    By the way, is this a puzzle to figure out your name?