Month: September 2015

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My First Publisher: Performing at LitCon 2015, Mithibai college

Tuesday was really special. I had a chance to perform at Mithibai college’s LitCon festival. The alma mater makes everything a magical experience. Even though the building has changed beyond recognition, it has echoes of my adolescent self, climbing out of windows, sneaking vada-paos into chemistry labs, reading books hidden…

  Read This At My Funeral

Read This At My Funeral

I would like this read after I die if there is anybody to listen. A life was changedMany things were brokenListsRulesExpectationsDreamsRelationshipsStatus quo Many languages spokenAnd learntAnd builtWith grammarsThat bore plurals for things that hadn’t beforeRealitiesLovesBodiesStates of being And in endingYet another rule brokenAnother grammar rebuiltWhen I sayLife is endingBut I…