The Nobody – Jeff Lemire: Now You See It, Now You Don’t

The Nobody by Jeff Lemire My rating: 3 of 5 stars A stranger swathed in bandages comes to the nondescript town of Large Mouth (Population: 754). His efforts at staying invisible however, are thwarted as the town inhabitants are curious, then suspicious and then downright scared. A local teenage girl befriends him and much to ... Read More

Can A Man Be a Feminist?

I was at a seminar last month discussing the world of erotica, pornography and the internet as it pertained to women. There were exactly three men in the twenty-five odd gathering. One was the cameraperson (silent throughout), another lurked in the far corner of the room and I never heard a word from him. The ... Read More

Soft Touches

This article (‘Learning to Measure Time in Love and Loss‘) may seem rather formulaic, soppy and trite to some of you. Maybe it is. I know I’m a soft touch for stories like this. But I also think, soft touches are getting increasingly rarer in a cynical today. Independence doesn’t mean not needing anyone else. ... Read More

What Do You Miss?

When you miss someone, you think of all that happened And wonder, Should I have said something then? Should I have laughed openly at that? And raised hell over this? It might have caused a fight, you realize, and say That’s why I didn’t. But if I had, I wouldn’t have been left with things ... Read More

I Wear: Warm & Cool

Winter’s here (for what it’s worth in Mumbai). And we enjoy the brief stint where we get to wear high necklines, layered garments and boots. The tricky thing about dressing for a December day in Mumbai is that you’ve to be prepared for stinging heat as well as infection-ridden chill. Here’s what I picked for ... Read More

On Being Thirty-Four: Then & Now

Recently I’ve taken to thinking about what my parents were doing when they were the age that I’m at now. I’ll take my father, because I think my attitude mirrors his more and because he has been a careerperson. Dad at 34 had been married for six years and was a father of a five ... Read More

Sex And Gender

Delta of Venus by Anaïs Nin My rating: 4 of 5 stars The backstory of this book is as much a part of this book as its characters. Anais Nin and a group of her fellow writers were offered 100 dollars a month, by an anonymous collector to write erotic stories. For various personal reasons, ... Read More

IFocal: Artist & Audience

Of this one, I have two renditions: I spotted this young man engrossed in his work of painting an Ganesh idol, in preparation for Ganesh Chaturti. The man on the scooter idled at the red signal watching him. And in this picture, I realized that the artist and his idol were the only interesting, significant ... Read More

On Being ‘In Like’ With Someone

It’s not love. At least, not yet. It could be, though. It’s a possibility. A probability? No idea. It’s more than just friendship. In fact, in all likelihood, you haven’t known each other long enough or well enough to call each other good friends. But there’s something that’s like closeness. And yet it’s not. It’s ... Read More

The Divorce Papers: Susan Rieger – Wholesome, Smart and Funny

The Divorce Papers: A Novel by Susan Rieger My rating: 4 of 5 stars This is a story of a divorce, with minor sub-plots of corporate politics and a side romance. I enjoyed the epistolary format (this one used not only correspondence but also notices, newspaper clippings, invitations, lists and legal documents). In addition, the ... Read More

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