Month: November 2013

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Donny and Ursula Save The World – Sharon Weil: A Love Story For Naturalists & Conspiracy Theorists

Donny and Ursula Save the World by Sharon WeilMy rating: 3 of 5 stars A quirky little novel that manages to touch on several large issues – the danger of commercializing agriculture, the importance of orgasms, Mother Earth’s good housekeeping, conspiracy theories. And in the midst of all this is…


Can we please stop calling it ‘dating’ because Indians don’t do that word

No, we don’t. We claim kinship to members of the opposite sex, exchange gifts on a designated day of the year and occasionally append a ‘bhaiyya’ or ‘didi’ to their names. We hang around in bunches when we’re in college and pretend we’re not specifically there for one person. When…