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  1. His eyes are color coded what is his and what are hers

    How many times did you argue in a single week

    How many forbidden words got Said

    There are still heartaches to be born

    I think at this point of time me and my friend Vivek are afraid of relationships because it feels like a place full of landmines

    Were his friends from a time before her

    That she individually dusted and restacked every single day

    The whispered conversation over a spin cycle

    I guess every person is a novel

    Books that she bought him

    The gifts for no reason but I love you I loved you

    Their last walk together

    I had not even anticipated that partition would come into play and become a cause for Separation, I never bore the brunt of partition am now wondering what would have happened to me if this wave touched me

    Friendship would become strategic alliances

    Every comment a bullet

    Minefield of nostalgia

    Trying to draw lines of control over a river

    I think same Is true for borders

    These are easier to divide by 2 than memories

    I felt the number 2 as a literary device here, Also it felt like number 2 Is the antagonist in the story, the main villain, for one blind moment it felt like if 2 never existed people would never divide and depart from each other !

    1. @Harshaman: This one came from some actual tangible experiences. I guess I am still trying to make sense of them. I didn’t realise 2 was antagonist but now that you’ve pointed it out, that is exactly what it felt like. I was 1, then I became 1 with somebody and now suddenly we are a 2. Gut wrenching. Thank you for putting words to the things I was struggling to articulate.

      I also hold no advice for your friend and you. It seems to me like you can’t plan life and also the things you fear the most have a way of magnetising right into your life almost as if to let you prove to yourself that you can survive them. I wish you both courage and peace with whatever life brings you.