Phoenix city

We live

We awaken

We run

We work

We worry

We laugh

We frown

We jostle

We cram

We breathe…just about

We hear

We gape

We jump

We run

We carry

We drip….blood, sweat and tears

We walk

We sleep

We awaken

We survive


We awaken

We run

15 thoughts on “Phoenix city

  1. We tremble. We shiver. We shudder. But we still push ourselves to walk again. I hate being this way but there just isn’t a choice is there? Thank you everyone for the comments.

  2. i was in mumbai at that time. the next morning at 7, i travelled through all the stations which were bombed. what struck me was the complete eradication of evidence. nothing could be seen that could incite anyone. no anger. no hatred. no digust. no life. under the surface was an unknown fear. and that was not strong enough to stop them from walking the roads again. is that good or bad?

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