Do you remember your last kiss? Everyone remembers their first, like we remember our landmark birthdays. But kisses lose their significance as we get older and more experienced in matters of touch.

As our social rituals morph, we find our notions of personal space shifting. Once we gingerly raisedΒ claspedΒ hands for a rendition of We Are The World. Now we find ourselves gripping strangers hands as ritual hellos. We shared tiffin boxes, school benches,Β computers and a football with the opposite sex so long as it followed the rules of β€˜healthy not filthy contact’. Growing up in a Catholic school, IΒ went to Christmas dinners & Easter feasts where I was routinely pecked on the cheek by babies, friends and adults of all genders.Β Touch was a confusing world to navigate.

A kiss is that absolute borderline between personal space and affectionate contact. It’s significant enough to remember the first time that was crossed. But is it no more than a gateway to more, a threshold that once crossed requires no further attention?

The 😘 passes easily between friends, flirting couples and all manner of non-professional conversations. Yet, those of us who remember all the things a kiss can mean are slower on the uptake. In reply to this emoji, I once sent a picture (like above but without dice). To my great dismay, there was no reply. To greater embarrassment, I discovered that the recipient had thought I was saying goodbye.

β€œBut why??”

I demanded.

β€œBecause that is a flying kiss.”

was theΒ reply.Β FLYING KISS, that delightful gesture ofΒ β€˜GoodbyeΒ but affectionately’ that we teach children. Why don’t we remember that a kiss can mean all these things but always, always affection?

Recently, a friend grabbed me in what was going to be a hug and laid a big SMACK. It reminded me of how lovely it is to be kissed. A kiss is a world of tangible more than smiling eye contact. It has the sweetness ofΒ β€œI LIKE YOU” before the politics of gender & relationship.Β Show your affection with a kiss (consensually, of course). Be sure to enjoy it because affection is good and so is a kiss.


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4 thoughts on “Kiss KissπŸ’‹”
  1. I just got up thinking about you and your blog.and how we ready of so many thing’s about relationships here.but not much about love and pleasure.this is a good start.i don’t know if you will write about your pleasure experiences.but we can hope…

    1. @James k: Who knows where the path of words will take me? 😊 I do write a lot about love, by the way. It just doesn’t necessarily look and sound pretty, fluffy or romantic but it is still love.

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