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  1. I have typed and retyped my comment nearly ten times here, because I don’t know what to say. Are you at peace now, are you happy?

    If I told you, I understand how you feel, completely, every single word and emotion in here, would you believe me?

  2. If you ever think of re-drafting this piece, try to include more imagery about the eerieness of the past; that’d make it immaculate. Something that appealed to my senses after a long time from you.

  3. The past haunts us all. Your ability to pen your feelings in this regards shocks me. Eerily true. I have felt the same. Will use the power of your words to help find direction once again.

    Best Wishes,

  4. Sometimes its hard to let go of memories. It is hard on those who are left behind in the city than those who leave.

    I would repeat a cliche, time is biggest healer. I am saying this from experience.

    Poonams last blog post..Flickr Mosiac Tag