Idiotic frenzies

What kind of an lame-brained idiot works on a report all week, plans it so as to finish on time on a Friday, then does, shuts down and goes out for a moonlight cruise and dinner……remembers mid-way that they forgot to email that report out? Someone like me, that’s who.

So what did I do next? Yelped, jumped up and down in my chair and generally fretted till my friends agreed to split and take me back to office. Got to office after midnight, called up some ten thousand people (no actually only one and she laughed) to check how to get into the locked building, managed to get in and switch on my comp.

Then I sent the email. And I received a reply,

Whatever are you doing in office at this hour on a Friday night?

Being an idiot that’s what.

I must really stop lecturing other people on not become workaholics. I couldn’t remember my own boardline number to call the security guard to unlock the gate; I had to pull out my visiting card to check. Fine sight I must have made standing on the sidewalk at midnight trying to read my own visiting card.

I sleep badly (if at all) and when I do, I have nightmares of screaming clients, graphs and numbers looming bigger and bigger over me and angry-red marked calendars hurtling at me at top speed. Just kidding. I have nightmares that are too awful to remember and I’m only glad to get up and come back to work in the morning. Except that I only get nightmares when I’m stressed. And then sleep-walk through the day.

I……need……a…….break. Not a tea break, a smoke break, a lunch break or a loo break. I need a break from my job.


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