#Ideastory: Glasses

Love is blind, he says and falls asleep. So cliched, she thinks But she takes off her glasses And snaps them in half. #ideastory View on Path

#Ideastory: Photographer

Five of us in this photograph, she says, I wonder where the rest are. Six, he thinks, I was behind the camera. But she’s already looked away. #ideastory View on Path

#Ideastory: Poetry

Poetry, comes rolling out of my pursed lips, like smoke curling under the door. Somebody’s going to get burnt soon. *If you like this you might want to check out my photostory collection or my Instagram stream. This appeared earlier on my blog in text.

#Ideastory: Postbox

My mind is a postbox, she says, Of letters I’ll never send I’ll keep the postage ready, he says, In case you ever change your mind. – at Prithvi Cafe View on Path

#Ideastory: Walk With Me

Walk with me, But not everywhere I go Point me to the star That your eyes follow And if I don’t, Pause Just long enough to see What dark alley I went down Before you smile and move on. I’ll meet you on the other side. We’ll share notes And say how lovely it was ... Read More

Dedicated To Men

This is an old post so I don’t feel as bad that it’s a few days late. Every word holds as true in 2014 as it did in 2005. For the men who’ve walked in and out of my life And trampled all over my heart and demonstrated just how tough it is For the ... Read More

#Ideastory: Doll

Let me be the mole on your chin, he says, One you touch when you’re thinking, unthinking. I’m a plastic Barbie, she says, PERFECT. *If you like this you might want to check out my photostory collection or my Instagram stream.

What’s It Like Being The Other Sex?

Dear men, I understand now. Honestly. I found myself thinking things that I’ve heard a lot of men voicing, when I watched this video. “So there are jerks in the world; why do you take it out on me? I’m the one person around who is being nice to you.” “Why should you tar everyone ... Read More

There’s A Woman In Your Friendzone!

Dear men, What’s that you say? Women don’t get friendzoned? Allow me to introduce you to…. …. …. …. Exhibit A: The Queen of Friendzoned Females Better known as Betty Cooper. Hmm…sound familiar? Here’s her desi avatar. And an updated version of the same. Never mind the fact that both these women landed their guys after ... Read More

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