I’m writing a story about something I’ve been interested in for over a decade now – urban relationships. I’m especially intrigued by the online matrimonial process, seeing as how it seems to be bridging the traditional (arranged marriage) with the modern (online dating format).

I’ve been through it myself a few years ago. But I imagine things have evolved since then. Is it easier to articulate what you want? Is it harder to ward off unsuitors (unsuitable suitors!)? Has the comedy of errors gotten better or worse?

I’d love to hear some stories, your real-life incidents. Given that this is research for my story, I’m interested in the funny anecdotes, the bizarre misadventures, the things that made you go, “Oh my God, really??!!?”

Do tell me your whacky stories from online matrimonial searches. Go on, I’m listening.

One thought on “XXForum: Online Matrimonials”
  1. I have been trying to help the family find a wife for BIL through online venues since IRL venues weren’t working out. It’s not been easy, it actually hasn’t worked out at all. The majority of what I was seeing were wannabe immigrants with half-faked credentials as if that’s all they had to offer. Rarely did I see anything realistic about personality, hopes, dreams, aspirations. The few profiles that were set up by the individual themselves instead of a family member were much better at talking about themselves but those people never seemed to respond.

    I’ve nominated you for an award as one of my favorite bloggers.

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