I’ve been busy this month so XX Factor hasn’t seen as much activity. But since my life’s experiences feed into this blog, you can expect a lot more in the months to come. Just give me a bit to catch my breath and make sense of everything that’s been happening and I’ll be XXFactoring before long!

Last month, I asked you what direction you’d like to see this blog go in and here are the results of that poll:

For awhile now, I’d been thinking it was time for this blog to ‘grow up’ along with me. But a grown-up me is still me and thus, I figured XX Factor should still be about men and relationships, only with a more mature perspective. I’m happy to note that my readers think so too. I did notice a few people still wanted a confessional on relationships. I’ve always been rather moody about my privacy, which is where the anonymity of blogging gave me a platform to talk but from within my comfort zone. My anonymity is gone now and with it my privacy (and security). But I don’t have the same fears anymore. And I don’t believe it is possible to talk about love, relationships and life without drawing from one’s one experiences. So, my posts will still draw from my own personal wisdom, even if I’m not giving you minutely updates of my dating life. πŸ™‚

Incidentally, do check out my posts on Yahoo! Real Beauty; the latest one up there is kicking up quite a storm in the married male teacup! And the little I managed to read online this month:

  • What he says, what you think and what he really means!-“8 Things That Men Say” (via CafeMom)
  • Truth or flaming? Gaurav Kapur passes on a pearl of wisdom that most I men I know would RT and which would make most women breathe fire. (via Twitter, RTed on my timeline by Suketu Talekar)
2 thoughts on “XXFactored May2011: What We Clash On, How We React & A New XXFactor Mood”
  1. Hmmm, interesting how people expect you to grow up more and not want you to rant about men, but still continue to talk about men and about relationship!
    I wonder how its not confusing.

    But, since I was not a part of that poll, I would like to leave my opinion here-
    Which is- That-
    You write about what EVER you feel like.
    The readers, like me who are your ardent fans and supporters have become so, because of what you have been writing! So keep on the great work my dear friend! πŸ™‚

    1. @Sakshi Chopra: I guess I’ll take responsibility for that – for not making the answers distinct enough. What I meant (and I’m guessing that’s how the poll respondents interpreted it too) was that I’d write articles about relationships, but with less of the ‘Down with men! Abolish mankind!’ kind of tone. I will continue to share my experiences since an article of this nature is impossible to write otherwise. Some of my biases will seep through, and to some extent they add to the distinct voice of XX Factor. But since I am a rather forceful person and one with extreme viewpoints, I’ll look at toning those down a bit to make the articles less angsty-adolescent-ranty and more mature/witty social commentary.

      Incidentally, this is a personal choice anyway. I’m not 21 anymore and many of my fiery views are settling down somewhat (not neccesarily changing though, just cooling in intensity) so this direction is something that is internally driven too. That said, it is very heartening to read a comment like yours. Thank you so much for the readership and the support!

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