XXFactored Apr2011: Facebook Etiquette, Men’s (Inner) Style & Stereotypes In Toy Ads

XX Factor has been having a few adventures this month. I contributed an article to Femina.in (linked below). I faced down a copycat attack and with a lot of support from the onlineverse, got him to take it down. Quarter-year and I’m also looking at diversifying the interests of this blog and changing its tone. I think it’s time to take XX Factor from a personal confessional into a full-blown social commentary space. It’s been on that path for awhile, all that remains is to make it ‘official’. But nothing happens without your okay so please use the pollbox or the comments section to tell me what you think of this.

And after that, here’s what XX Factor is featuring this month:

  • I won’t say if I agree but the premise of male-grooming is interesting. ‘Why men are sexier in briefs‘ (via ThoughtCatalog)
  • (Yet another) horror story from the (rape) capital of this country: How can I feel proud to be a part of a nation where women are treated like free goody-bags in its very capital? (link courtesy Arcopol, via Rosalyn D’mello)
  • Dating myths debunked: ‘Survey says that everything you know about dating may be wrong!‘ (via TheBachelorGuy)
  • Word Cloud: How Toy Ad Vocabulary reinforces gender stereotypes‘ (link courtesy Rehab, via AchillisEffect)
  • If you’re starting to feel like a consumer-victim, it’s not just female paranoia. That marketer definitely has his eyes set on you and your wallet. (link courtesy Sveccha, via AddedSource)
  • Are You An Annoying Facebook Couple?’ (via Femina.in)
  • Thief in the house! A copycat case on XX Factor and how he was stopped.
  • Inappropriate can be funny or fatal: ‘18 tee-shirts that must NOT be worn while meeting your girlfriend’s parents!‘ (via AmazingCoolPictures)
  • An important message about beauty, from a real man. (courtesy Sanjay Dhingra, via Facebook)

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