Write Click presents ‘Pic it Up’ – Workshop on Visual Blogging

We always knew that a picture could speak a thousand words. Ancient man communicated his first stories down the years with cave paintings. Photography brought the possibility of beautiful pictures even to those who didn’t wield a paintbrush. And the digital boom put a camera in every user’s hand. The internet has made it possible to easily edit and showcase those images. Put a frame, change the hair, add a funny hat – voila, you’ve created art!

If you’ve been blogging for awhile, you know that adding a visual component to your text will take your blog up a few notches. But you don’t have to be Michelangelo or a professional photographer to give your content that extra edge. We believe that pictures are the next big thing on the self-publishing frontier. Write Click presents ‘Pic it Up’ a two-day workshop on the creation and showcasing of visual content.

The Workshop

Pic it Up’ will explore emerging visual blogging tools like photographs, cartoons and drawing. We will look at how to optimize this medium with everyday easy-to-use tools (digital cameras, mobile phone apps etc). And we will also explore how to integrate these into your current blogging activities in a way that will enhance your content and make it more engaging.

Pic it Up: Workshop on Visual Blogging

Date: 12th-13th May 2012
Location: InOrbit Mall, Malad West, Mumbai 400 064.
Number of seats: 20
Fee: Single registration-Rs.3500 ; Group of 3-Rs.9000

Registration will be confirmed on full payment in cash, cheque or online transfer. Entry to the workshop will be on presentation of receipt.


To register, email us with ‘REGISTER FOR PIC IT UP’ in the subject line at:

Ramya Pandyan: ideasmithy@gmail.com
Payal Shah Karwa: thewordjockey@gmail.com

You can also call us at 9870964781.

If you are a member of Gyaanexchange, you can register directly here.

About Us

The Write Click team comprises Ramya Pandyan (Ideasmith), a Blogger/Content Consultant and Payal Shah Karwa (The Word Jockey), a Communications Consultant. Both of us have been keen users and observers of the social content space, since its inception. We each have a corporate background as well as writing experience across different media including social media. Starting with the Kala Ghoda Art Festival 2011, we have conducted blogging workshops for various interest groups. ‘Unboggle the Blog’, our workshop on social content has been so popular that it is now a monthly feature. Come join the Write Click community!


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