Workshop On ‘Social Content For Branding’ For Avignyata Inc.

Last week, Payal & I concluded a two-day workshop for Avignyata Inc., a social media agency. The Avignyata team included client servicing executives, designers and content creators for different social channels. The objective of our workshop was to understand the anatomy of a brand, give it a distinct voice, devise a content strategy and create engaging content across relevant channels.

The conversations that came out of it, took me back to my days as a business analyst. I spent most of my last year as a corporate employee, with a young, vibrant group of people with excellent ideas. My role there, was to focus those thoughts, tie them into coherent structures, develop them into actionables and devise tangible metrics to assess them.

So much of good marketing is about fresh, innovative ideas, no matter which aspect of the function you look at. I find young people are possessed in abundance with these. What some of them find missing is the tools to organize them and take them to fruitful conclusions. This of course, is something that I have and continue to develop with experience and a natural maturing in thought. When it comes to social media, the early adopters of the channels are easily the youngest, brightest sparks. But the ability to convert the knowledge of these channels into business strategy doesn’t always follow automatically.It requires an understanding of basic business realities, domain understanding, content creation skills and a working knowledge of the social media.

Since our combined repository of experience and skills covers these, Payal & I are conducting a series of workshops, lectures and other training services. A big thank you to Moksh Juneja, for getting us to work with the Avignyata team over the last week!

Pictures of the Avignyata workshop are posted to our Facebook Page.


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