..for a writer
are like people
not just tools of the trade

Sometimes you flirt with them, tease your way with them and remember why you love them.

Othertimes you seduce them, are made messy love to, by them. A virtual orgy, a mind-burning feast of inspiration that results in an unforgettable story being born.

And then there are times when you just want to take them out to coffee*, no strings attached. And who knows what may happen next?

* Yes, this was written at one such time. Always carry a notepad and a pen.

11 thoughts on “Words”
  1. Ha – words for a reader are more like emotions.

    (S)He can be happy after reading them, sad or just indifferent. they can emanate joy or anger, empathy or sympathy even. When indifferent, it just signifies a stoned heart imo. Your words in this post made me smile btw.


    Prasoons last blog post..The hike to Mt. Fuji

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