After all this while it occurs to me that contrary to all my earlier claims, I don’t really like men. Except sexually, that is. I don’t like the people that they make.

The only way I can like something male is if he:

Is less than 10 years old
Is gay
Is a friend

But I must elaborate on this last point. I don’t believe that I can be friends with men. Or let me put that as ‘I can’t be friends with people I think of as men’. The good friends that I talk about are in my mind, genderless beings. I have been accused of seeing people as their minds only. Sometimes people overcome that and if they happen to be male, and more importantly attractive males, then well…it just is doomed from there on.

I instinctively mistrust men. I am less sympathetic and nice to men. The ones that I’m playing some kind of flirting game with, this serves to add some spice to the interaction. But it doesn’t lead to friendship.

Women on the other hand, I relate to….well some women at least. I am definitely more respectful and accomodating of another woman, no matter how different she is. It is an odd but perfectly correct situation for me to loathe my ex-boyfriend but completely respect and even like his wife.

Perhaps its just that I’ve been generally attracted to ‘the wrong kind of man’. So there then. The kind of men I’m attracted to, I don’t really like and can’t be friends with. So much for wanting to be best friends with my soulmate then.

I’m a woman’s woman after all. Who would have thought?

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  1. […] I went out with two women friends this weekend. As Dee who called me several times during the day put it, “Spent a lot of money? Bitched a lot about men?” Yes, yes, yes we did. For anyone who wonders what three women talk about….baaah…I hate the fact that three supposedly intelligent, attractive, single women meet and spend so much time talking about men! On the other hand, like the book I’m reading observes, women do talk about men, sometimes disparagingly but with a certain fondness. And who says two women (or even three) can’t stand each other? I had a rocking time! Read on for more…(I know I’m going backΒ on what I said here,Β by spilling the secrets but…well, what the hell?) […]

  2. Could you throw some light (I didn’t wanna use the word ‘elaborate’ again) on you being able to be ‘like’ a male if he is gay! Why the generalization of being biased to ‘all gay men’, as they are not equal too.

  3. @ Brad: Because then I know that sex isn’t the biggest (and only) priority in his mind. Becauase then I know that he sees me as more than a butt and a pair of boobs. Because then I know that its possible that what I think and feel matters to him. And mostly, he’s likely to be interested in shopping, yapping and men-watching! πŸ˜‰

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