Wild imagination

So never mind nauseatingly sweet relationships, Chronicus Skepticus tells us how yet another holy (-ier-than-thou) bond has been corrupted in our day and age.

I read this awhile ago and grimaced. On reflection though, I am sorry for the people who fall into the categories she describes. After all, emotions are universally human and attraction/affection is one of the most debatable ones. We find our weird ways to cope.

We see person of opposite sex. We like. We stop and think. We invent a name, rules and rituals. And a relationship is born.

Brother Sister Friend Lover Neighbor Boyfriend Girlfriend Classmate Tutor Teacher Mentor Guide Father FatherFigure Mother Colleague Soulmate Nemesis Boss AlterEgo SupportSystem FellowBlogger Punchbag ChildhoodBuddy Uncle Acquaintance Auntie-next-door SecretCrush…

How truly imaginative.

3 thoughts on “Wild imagination

  1. most of the cases, we put a place holder relationship I guess..
    which is kind of temporary name which we want to use until something really builds up, for some it never gets past that.. or may be they never want to.

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