Why Men Don’t Get Tattooed

Message from Friend-Man,

I got a tattoo!

I call back and yelp,

Tattoo!! Seriously?

After much detailed description (and a few conversational blind alleys regarding location and image and colour), he admits that it’s a temporary one, ending with,

I’d never get a permanant tattoo!

To which I retort,

Yeah. It needs committment. And the willingness to bear pain. Not a man’s strong qualities. It takes a woman to get one!

He pooh-poohs the idea and khee-khees off the call. But I am tempted to call back and tell him that every single tattooed person I know (self included) is female. Yes!


4 thoughts on “Why Men Don’t Get Tattooed

  1. I really don’t think getting tattooed has to do anything with gender I suppose..however coming back to ability to withstand pain, and making commitments, come on you know this is individual specific and nothing to do with men or women..

    btw somehow I find getting tattooed a little too disgusting..mainly because I have never understood the reason behind it,

    ramblers last idea: Colors

  2. @ rambler: And yet I don’t know any tattooed men – personally that is. But I do know a lot of tattooed women.

    @ Gautam: Bah….shoptalk!

    @ Tale: I haven’t seen it or been to any of those places but I take note.

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