Who says Indians aren’t having fun?

And right after writing this, today’s newspaper tells me that Indians have the third-most exciting sex lives in the world. And that we are also the most open lovers in the world when it comes to talking to our partners about sex. Strangely contradictory species, we are, are we not?

A certain little doggie (his description, not mine!) who on request, shall remain unnamed, asks me if there is a matching ‘Indian woman’ stereotype to counter the not-as-typical Indian man. See the news article above sir, someone in the couple has to be doing the initiating right?Β I wonder what the stats say about the initiative of Indian women. I saw Honeymoon Travels on the weekend and I’m thinking of Raima Sen and KK Menon, right now! πŸ˜‰Β 

Shweta, on the other hand, smiles at my post and sends me the the following story that was featured on Global Village and which I found onlineΒ here. Khee khee khee…

One thought on “Who says Indians aren’t having fun?

  1. hmm still waiting idea smithys opinion on a topic which I had sent long back :(( hopefully sooner …

    yep it would be good to see how you see the Indian women in the same way as Indian men πŸ™‚

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