It’s the season of colour again, once upon a time my favorite festival of all till it acquired the elements of rowdyism and filth. I’ve always loved colour and water and summer and Holi combines all three. This year however, I am not celebrating with colour. In fact I haven’t stepped out of the house. I can hear the drums beating, the colours glistening on wet roads and the raucous shouts of uninhibited fun rising up to my window. I don’t want to be a part of the colour today. Maybe I’ve had too much of colour lately.

There’s a time to rest and a time to dwell in blankness too. After all, the finest paintings begin with a blank canvas. I’m wiping the page of my life clean. This Holi will be my ‘white day’ of the year. So I wish all of you the clarity, cleanness and innocence of the colour white this season.

On another note, the Pensive Lawyer SMSed me this morning with a reminder of how much of water is wasted every year on Holi in a time when there isn’t enough clean water to go around. I’d say stay clean, stay nourished and have fun but be mindful of how much you take and how little that leaves for the rest of the world.

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  1. I got an sms too saying 2700 K gallons of water are going to be wasted this Holi. SO lets do our bit of saving water by not adding water to the alcohol.

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