What Not To Do

I’m starting a new section on The Idea-smithy titled ‘What Not To Do‘. As the title suggests, it will relate to things, people and experiences that you’re advised to steer clear of.

WNTD will not be a rantfest. It will, however, draw from my own experiences with brands, service providers and other such commercial entities. The social mediaverse recognizes my voice as a blogger and hopes to leverage it to promote vested commercial interests. When it makes sense to, I’m happy to recommend a promising or good experience. By the same token, I should also pass on information on bad experiences, as warning to my fellow citizens in this space.

I will include a breakdown of what went wrong and when possible, solutions or alternate actions/attitudes that would have prevented/curbed it. I expect I’m going to be ruffling a few feathers and losing a few ‘friends’ off my Twitter following and Facebook ‘likes’ but I’ll risk it.

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