What-ifs and what-nots

Do I make you happy?

Would it make you happy if I said YES to that?




I couldn’t stop laughing all that day.

He was the one that got away. Oh okay, one of the ones that got away. (One of the ones I allowed get away?) And yet, there was a conversation like this one. Several others too. Well…maybe not a lot but there were definitely others. I remember them. I wonder if he does.

He’s now married (happily I hope, I really do). He’s shifted a few cities since that conversation. It has after all, been a few years. I don’t have his most recent number or even knowledge of which city he is in now (though I could make a calculated guess).

And yet, there were those days of endless conversations and long phone bills. Weekends spent together, sometimes an hour or two of never talking, just being together. We never were a bonafide couple, never kissed or said “I love you”. We did hold hands once (while checking to find out whose fingers were longer…I won that round too).

P says that every woman should have at least one man she looks back to and wonders “What if?” It adds a sense of mystery and perhaps a little bit of wistful hope to life.

But that said, there are experiences (and people) that change you so much that when you look back, you can’t even relate to the person you used to be, let alone wonder on what might have happened if you had continued being that way and if things had turned out different.

7 thoughts on “What-ifs and what-nots

  1. Its been a while since i said ‘lovely post’ and actually meant it 🙂 really liked reading this one Ms. Idea. Very nice.

  2. “every woman should have at least one man she looks back to and wonders “What if?”” – I think that’s an inevitable part of life – happens even if don’t want it… but yeah, perhaps not always a bad thing …

  3. @ Archster: *Ideasmith takes a bow*. Good to see you back!

    @ Urban Bourbon Ninja: Ah…that’s another description for a heart-breaker..

    @ Melody: I think we make a lot of these things happen to us. Even to those who claim they never wanted something like this…I think deep down, they did. And yes, it isn’t a bad thing. The person I wrote about here…isn’t someone I regret having known.

    @ Manu: Ah, another Crow fan here? Everyday is a winding road after all…:-p

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