Wet Paint, Paper Flowers and Dancing Men

The Kala Ghoda Art Festival 2010 kicked off to a rollicking start on Saturday. After sampling a bit of literature, visual art, music and food through the day, I finally settled on theatre for my final course in the night. The play ‘Dance Like A Man’ was being staged at Horniman Circle at 7.30 p.m.

I’ve attended music events at Horniman Circle before, most of them Kala Ghoda Art Festival events. It is an unconventional setting, a stage in the center of a park. But it works really well, more so for a play than a music concert given the intimate interaction that is possible between audience and performer.

A bench-painting event had been conducted earlier in the evening owing to which all the seating en route to the stage bore ‘Wet Paint’ signboards. It was too dark for photography and I was eager to get to the stage before the play started but I passed some interesting art on the way. (I hope one of us will be able to post photographs soon).

Just as well, I suppose, since we got there just about five minutes before the play began. All the seats were taken so we sat down on the grass and that’s how we watched the entire play. Normally, I would not consider squatting on the ground for a play but like I said, this was an unconventional setting. The stage and seating area were edged on one side by ‘Lotuses of the Floating World’, an art installation by Sabrina Mascarehas. As I approached the area, I first thought they were diyas floating in a pool. But I soon realized that there is no water body inside the park and the temperature was the uncharacteristic cool of February rather than the heat of a hundred lamps. The installation is actually…(Click here to read the whole post)

3 thoughts on “Wet Paint, Paper Flowers and Dancing Men

  1. Had a lovely time at KGAF yesterday! 🙂
    I wish I could’ve been there for the bench painting though!
    Loved your narration! I saw “The Diary” at NGMA yesterday: centered around a married couple. They really have good plays there. Hoping to bump into you in a day or two!

    Btw, you’ve made it to my blog roll 🙂

  2. the link “click here to read the whole post” leads to a 404 file not found error ..can you please update the link ?

    1. @sahu: Thank you for pointing that out. The Caferati site is undergoing some changes is down. It should be back up soon in time for this year’s Kala Ghoda Art Festival.

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