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  1. hey!!
    these are pretty interesting!
    I so agree with what you say @#1, which goes for most of everyone.
    that no1z really usued to be stared at.
    In fact , I would say , I have experianced people getting Rhhheally conscious..
    and not being stared at,,.. but generally, being warmly looked at in the eyes,
    I have noticed that people.. feel that they are being probed and feel Naked( mentally ofcourse)..
    ( hi there long time!!)

  2. OK… once mad what do you do with him?

    Sounds like quite an effort for nothing. Most women will end up driving guys nuts no matter what they do 😉

  3. @ Abhishek: Absolutely! Which is why I think its a good ‘character-building exercise’ (quote-unquote Calvin’s dad) to understand what women are subjected to, everyday. 😀

    @ Sanjay: Yeah rightttttt…..

    @ Megha: We aim to please 😉