Unusual partnerships

Strange experiences make for strange partnerships. Tuesday’s downpour turned Mumbai upside-down. They also caused me to revise certain opinions. My fellow sufferer on that long trek home (that spread out over two days) was SIT. The hour that we spent inching (millimeterising?) forward in a taxi was in suffocating silence since we didn’t have much to talk about except, “Do you have network?” or “The rain’s lashing my way now. Could you put up your window?”

Time and the rain break down boundaries it would seem. He turned out to be quite a good partner to have on a day like this. I found out awhile back that he blogs too. He didn’t look very excited over my discovery and sniffed back (yeah everyone’s doing that on account of the cold bug) “And do you blog too? What do you write about?” That stumped me….five blogs and I have no clue what rubbish I fill them up with. So I hemmed and hawed and said that sometimes I wrote some verse and on occasion (when I was in a bad mood that is) I indulged in male-bashing. Close enough to the truth? He seemed surprised and said, “Why? I don’t crib about the opposite sex, ever. I think women are wonderful.” That’s a revelation. Ah…

By evening, after I’d bullied him into stopping for tea and after getting bulldozed into staying on the path (“Walk, walk…we have a long way to go!!:”), I told him that he better give me a good feedback when my performance review came up. He said he’d tell my boss that I was “bold, showed initiative, didn’t crumble under pressure…” And then…”And you say the same when you get my review feedback form!!” Deal, pardner…

Night-time and spirits were at an all-time low. Nothing like gory humour to perk up the situation I decided.

SIT (passing a plastic-covered heap): I wonder what that is
Me: A dead body, perhaps?
SIT: Try to think of something else!
Me: Two dead bodies!
SIT: Something cheerful!!!!!
Me: Okay…half a dead body….chopped up, you know.
SIT: You certainly have SOME imagination!
Me: Which is more than can be said for what’s under that heap, I suppose
SIT: Just keep walking!!!!!!!

I believe he made a mental note to revise his feedback after that. Lol….I think I just may have a friend at office now.

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